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The USC-2 card can interpret G-Code commands by converting ASCII *.cnc files to binary *.unf files directly on the card. These files can be run in standalone mode (flash mode), so no PC is needed for this process.

Required for this feature:

USC-2 scanner control card
Option flash license
Correctly pre-configured USC-2 card


Figure 28: USC-2 G-Code interpreter


There are two ways of converting a *.cnc file into a *.unf file:

1.Upload and converting the *.cnc file via the usc_server -> Flash -> Load button.
If you are using the usc_server you have to save the file 'sc_gcode_defines.cnc' within the <SCAPS>\system directory. The *.unf file will automatically converted if you load it via the usc_server.


sc_usc-server.exe will generate a debug log file g_code_to_unf.log at scaps intermed folder when converting the *.cnc file to *.unf file.

To look for *.cnc to *.unf compile errors, please search for "UNKNOWN" within g_code_to_unf.log file.

2.Upload the *.cnc file to the \jobs directory of the USC-2 flash memory and convert it directly on the USC-2 card.
If you are using the G-Code interpreter of the USC-2 card (without usc_server) you need to upload the file 'sc_gcode_defines.cnc' to the \misc directory of the USC-2 flash memory. Please refer to the chapter Convert G-Code for further instructions.