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Option MultiHead
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The Option MultiHead allows to build up scanner applications with a simultaneous vector output to up to six scan heads. In this case there will be one job file for all scanheads.


For this simultaneous output and the installation of more than one (up to 6) scanner driver cards, the MultiHeadOpticModule license is required. If the license for the MultiHeadView is present, the View2D shows all installed working areas with the overlapping region. The data is edited as there would be one big output. The MultiHeadView provides automatic splitting functionality to see on which head the vectors belong.


Figure 302: Job with two different working fields for two different scan heads

External trigger signal (MultiHead):

Trigger mode: Each card needs an trigger input signal. All cards must have finished their marking before the next job execution can start.

MarkDialog with "ExternalTrigger": This is not the same as trigger mode. Here the trigger input for all cards is card 0.

ControlObjects (MultiHead): When a ControlObject is part of the job all cards wait for all cards to finish their previous marking process then the ControlObject is executed.

ScMotionControl: Step and direction signals are generated only on card 0.

ScSetOutput, ScOverride, ScSetAnalogOutput: These control objects act on each card.

ScWaitForInput, ScWaitForTrigger: After all cards have finished their previous marking process, each card is waiting for an input signal on itself.


Motion Control: the step and direction signals for motion control devices (stepper type 8 and 14) are only provided at the first card (Head0). The necessary settings are defined in the chapter Motion Control Settings.


Marking on the fly (MOTF): the encoder signal for the MOTF compensation has to be provided to each card. The corresponding MOTF settings has to be defined for each card as well. For more information please also refer to your scanner controller card manual.